The Mid-West Advantage

What sets Mid-West apart and above is the fact that it is involved in every stage of real estate design, development, construction, ownership and management. Mid-West has leveraged this strategy for over 55 years to create award-winning real estate and long-term relationships with extremely satisfied tenants.

Real Estate Development & Construction

In their most fundamental role, real estate developers serve as an intermediary between the construction companies that build the buildings and the businesses or people that use them. Some of the best developers also have a construction division that can ensure cost effectiveness from the ground up. That is the Mid-West model.

Mid-West provides the optimum value in quality, style, functionality, location and cost. At Mid-West, we use our real estate and construction expertise to ensure that newly constructed spaces meet the tenant/client’s business needs. The best real estate developers have strong experience in construction and play an extremely important role in controlling unnecessary expenses and improving efficiency and effectiveness for future owners and tenants. That is part of the Mid-West mandate.

Real Estate Investment

Mid-West continues the real estate cycle by not only developing and constructing, but holding its projects long-term. Many of the properties in Mid-West’s portfolio reflect some of principal Ken Achs’ earlier work in the 1960s and 1970s. This long-term investment strategy allows for intimate knowledge of Mid-West’s real estate and ensures that each property is held to the highest standard of care throughout its life.

Mid-West has complemented its growth by construction and renovation recently by expanding its portfolio through the acquisition of investment quality commercial real estate in markets throughout North America, either wholly owned or with strategic partners with strong local market knowledge and influence.

Property Management

Mid-West manages its entire Saskatoon portfolio of commercial properties as well as others that Mid-West has built and sold to ensure that operations keep running smoothly by maintaining the facilities immaculately, allowing tenants to focus on driving their own profits and fulfilling their mandates. Mid-West has earned its reputation as the best commercial landlord in Saskatoon by being the indisputable leader in commercial property management, caring for our tenants’ every need by our hands-on approach.


With its CEO’s roots in the automotive industry, Mid-West continues its presence in this sector through ownership of all of the OK Tire and Auto Service stores in Saskatoon, and Mid-West Auto Sales.

Other Business Interests

The Mid-West Group is the financier of multiple entities with which it has strong working relationships. These companies are encouraged to develop through the support of Mid-West and are hand-picked to ensure that Mid-West finances entities that share the Mid-West philosophy for quality.

As a one-time young entrepreneur, Ken Achs knows that in the beginning, financing your business can be challenging. Long before it became popular as reality TV, the Mid-West Group provided financing to deserving and ambitious young entrepreneurs in fields within Mid-West’s areas of interests.

The Mid-West Group has provided financing for several small businesses in Saskatchewan.