Real Estate Joint Ventures

Do you have a real estate project that you want or need a partner on? 

We are interested in partnering with developers, builders and other investors to create, renovate and/or passively own commercial real estate

Sale/Lease Back

Do you own quality commercial real estate and have a strong operating company?

We are interested in discussing purchasing part or all of your building and leasing it back to you to provide you with capital that you can use to grow your business, a fully deductible rental payment and a professional real estate company to assist with the maintenance and operation of your property.

Equity Investment

Do you have an operating company that has a great management team and are looking for someone to take an equity stake of 50% or more?

We are interested in discussing purchasing part or all of your business.


Do you have a business opportunity that needs a financing partner?

The Mid-West Group is the financier of entities with which it has strong working relationships. These companies are encouraged to develop through the support of Mid-West and are hand-picked to ensure that Mid-West finances entities that share the Mid-West philosophy for quality.

As a one-time young entrepreneur, Ken Achs knows that in the beginning, financing your business can be challenging. Long before it became popular as reality TV, the Mid-West Group provided financing to deserving and ambitious young entrepreneurs in fields within Mid-West’s areas of interests.

The Mid-West Group has provided financing for several small businesses in Saskatchewan. It is also the financing partner of Meridian Development and has provided all construction financing for Meridian-owned projects.