446 2nd Ave N

Modern Press Building

IMG_1928 cropped & resizedThe original building was constructed of brick, tile and cement with steam heating. The two-storey front portion housed offices; printing was carried out in the rear portion, which was one storey with a basement. Plans had been made for expansion in the late 1930’s but were delayed until after the war. Major additions were built in 1946 and 1961. The 1946 renovations were by Smith Bros. & Wilson. The new section was built along side the old, and when it was completed, staff moved into the new area. The old plant was rebuilt and became part of the new. The 1961 expansion cost $175,000.00. Expansion was undertaken to relieve overcrowding and to make more room for commercial artists, lithography, photoengraving and binding. Major renovations were undertaken more recently in 1993 for Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.

Before the present facelift occured, the current building reflected the “Moderne” style, the architectural manifestation of Art Deco, which was created during the 1940’s and became the architecturally-significant aesthetic which the Saskatoon Heritage Society wished to preserve for the building. The building received a Municipal Heritage Award in 1994.

Since Fall 2011, the Modern Press Building has been getting a complete facelift including a second-storey addition on the south side as well as a second passenger elevator. This renovation will complement the Mid-West Group’s new office headquarters in the Nexus Building located north of the Modern Press Building.

Photo Gallery

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